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Morning Worship ~ Introduction

~ Updated July 2014~

A number of years ago the Lord prompted my heart to begin having what we call in our home, Morning Worship. When I first began this with Joe, I did not realize the vast blessings that would come from this time together.

As I began sitting with Joe each morning (he was under a year old at the time) one of my main goals was to practice sitting each day, to help him sit through Church. I knew he was too young to understand what I was reading, but I also wanted him to begin to develop the habit of spending time with God every morning. I wanted him to develop a love and respect for God’s Word. I wanted him to have a time of worship a part of his daily routine so one day when he was old enough he it would be natural for him to have this time on his own, which is right where he is now!!!

Now that I have six little ones, I have seen our Morning Worship time go from something that they complained about having to do, to something that they look forward to and they help remind me (especially the older two). It has become a special time where we talk about the things of the Lord and offer our worship to Him. Oh, what a blessing when they shares spiritual insight!

There are days when I fail to start the day with Morning Worship. We’ll have breakfast, and I’ll start some laundry and then one thing leads to another and it’s 11:00 a.m. and life seems to have fallen apart. The kids attitudes are terrible. There is whining,fussing, and I wonder – WHAT HAPPENED!!! It is then when it hits me like a load of bricks – we didn’t spend time with the Lord first thing.

When I start our family off with Morning Worship (before ANYTHING else is done in the house, even breakfast) it changes everything.

– Our day runs smoother

– The kids have good attitudes and they don’t fight as much

– My heart is right before the Lord (The other day I was feeling upset with my husband. I knew I needed to have MW with the children, and I just couldn’t bring myself to have MW with the kids until I had called my husband confessed my bad attitude and asked his forgiveness.)

– And there is just a sense of peace in the home

Here is a brief overview of what we do for our Morning Worship:

  • Prayer  – We thank the Lord for the nights rest and ask Him to take our worship as an offering of praise to Him.
  • Psalms – We begin by quoting a Psalm of praise.
  • Sing – The children have learned to LOVE to sing. I have been teaching them many great hymns of the faith.
  • Catechism – My husband wrote a catechism for our family based upon what we believe.
  • Lovingkindness Journal – Writing down all the blessings and lovingkindnesses from the Lord.
  • Prayer Time – We take time to pray individually for the needs in our family, our church, and those we know.
  • Quote Scripture – Each child has been memorizing Scripture since he/she could barley talk. It is so precious to hear them quote their verse(s). Each little one gets so excited to stand up and quote their Scripture like the older ones.
  • Scripture Reading/Bible Study – I have done this many different ways.  I try to spend the majority of our Morning Worship reading the Bible. It is very easy to get caught up reading and doing everything else, but what is the MOST important part!
  • Inspirational Reading – I choose a book to read to the children. Sometimes it is about a missionary or other spiritually encouraging books. This does not always happen during Morning Worship time.

I hope this helps you get an idea of what we do for Morning Worship. There is no right or wrong way to have Morning Worship with your family. Over the next few weeks I will share with you specifics in these areas.