Reading is one of my favorite activities. When I was a young girl I would spend hours reading every day. The last few years I have have not spent much time reading. I’ve allowed movies and social media to consume my life. I want this year to be different. I need encouragement. I will be limiting my time on social media and spending time reading instead.

I have a personal conviction that I need to spend time in the Word of God before I spend time reading other books. It is the Word of God that will give me life and direction (Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”), not books written by man. Matthew 4:4 says, “But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” My Bible will be the first thing I read each day. From there any extra time will be with a book.

When I do take time to read other books I try to be very “picky” about the books I chose. I try to choose books that will challenge me in my walk with the Lord, in my marriage, caring for my children and home. I believe it is important to be careful what I read because the things I read will affect my life and my world view.

Here is the list of books I am planning to try to read this year. There is no specific order. I will be reading more than one book at a time. My goal is read 104 books. I plan to follow The Young Wife’s Guide reading plan along with my own list. 

I will continue to add to this list books I am planning to read and cross of the books I have completed. 

  1. The Journals of Jim Elliot Edited by Elisabeth Elliot
  2. Lucy Libido by Lucy Libido 01/2018
  3.  The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortland
  4. Uninvited by Lydia Terkerst 
  5. ReFRESH by Shona & David Murray (Young Wife’s Guide)
  6. Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
  7. The Inner Mind That Contros Our Life by Bill Gothard
  8. The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp 
  9. A Love That Multiplies by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
  10. She’s Still There by Chrystal Evans Hurst
  11. Only Jesus by Emily Potter
  12. Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney
  13. Kept For the Master’s Use by Frances Ridley Havergal
  14. The Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson (The Young Wife’s Guid)
  15. Homemaking by J.R. Miller
  16. Mother by Kathleen Morris
  17. Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins
  18. Developing Your Secret Closet of Prayer by Richard A. Burr
  19. The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo
  20. The Blessings of Humility by Jerry Bridges (The Young Wife’s Guide)
  21. Helper by Design by Elyse Fitzpatrick (The Young Wife’s Guide)
  22. New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp
  23. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo