My name is Sarah! I am a born again child of God. I am passionate about my faith. My spiritual gift is that of a prophet. I see spiritual things black and white. My life, what I believe, how I live, the choices I make are based ENTIRELY on the Word of God, not my personal opinions.

I have been married to my dear Beloved for 12 years. Hubbiness and I grew up 500 miles apart, yet had very similar lives. Both of us grew up in Christian families, attended Baptist churches, were raised on the farm, and home schooled.

Having similar backgrounds has been a blessing in our marriage.  😀 The one big difference in our lives was that I grew up the oldest of 5 children, and he grew up an only child!

Hubbiness for 16 years has been working as a mulit-media designer. I am so grateful for a man who works so hard to provide for the needs of our family. He is a wonderful father and great husband.

We have been blessed with nine children on earth.  We also have many in Heaven already with the Lord. We are blessed to home school and I love it! Oh yes, there are challenging days, but there is a great joy that comes in obeying the Lord.

My husband and my children are my life.”Me” time is spent with these precious treasures. Being a wife and a mother is a dream come true.

I enjoy studying the Bible, drinking coffee, reading books, spending time with my Hubbiness, all things girly (purses, shoes, nail polish, etc), herbs, midwifery, playing the piano, and fellowship with friends.

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